How to play Dungeons and Dragons: the game of the week

New York’s finest d20 gaming enthusiasts are getting their hands on some awesome stuff at this week’s Dungeons and Dragon: The game of your life party.

We’ve got the pikuks, the pixies, the flutes, and the pandas, and now we’re giving you a guide to all the d20 options you’ll find in Dungeons and D&D, plus a few other things that might be of interest to players of all skill levels.1.

The Magician’s Guide (Pikwik Pack)For every 5 levels you gain, you can spend up to 5 hours casting a spell, with 1 hour per level spent to cast the spell, or 1 hour for each level beyond 6th (which also allows you to cast any spell without spending a full spell slot).

For every 2 levels beyond 6, you get to spend one spell slot to cast an additional spell.

The cost of the magic is reduced by 10 for every 3 levels beyond 5.2.

The Mage’s Guide to Pestilence (Dungeoneers Pack)If you gain the Pestilian talent at 6th level, you gain +1 damage per level and your melee weapon attacks do extra damage if they hit a creature of your choice, and if the creature has been damaged by a creature with the Plague trait, you may inflict one disease on the creature for 1 round per level (or up to 2 rounds per level, whichever is higher).

You can use this ability once per day.3.

The Wizard’s Guide for Pest Control (Dungeon Pockets)The Mage’s Magic Resistance increases to +10.

The wizard can cast one level of wizard spells as a standard action.

The damage reduction increases by 10.

The spell can be a single spell or one of the following spells:1.

Fog Cloud2.

Fog Ball3.

Fog Shield4.

Dispel Magic5.

Hold Person6.



Create Food and Water9.

Plant Growth10.


Slow (1 round/level)12.

Paralyze (1 minute/level, DC 10)13.

Fog (1d4 rounds/level; DC 20)14.

Wall of Fire15.

Fog of War16.

Cloudkill (DC 15)17.


Sleep (DC 20)19.


Stun (DC 25)21.


Sleep Fog (DC 30)23.

Stun Fog ( DC 35)24.

Curse Resistance25.

Staggering Steps26.


Sticky Hands28.




Blindness (DC 50)32.


Slow Immunity34.

Slow Resistance35.


Poison Immunity37.

Poison Resistance38.

Poison Armor39.

Poison Aura40.

Poison Cloud41.

Poison Ward42.

Poison Resist43.

Poison Magic Resistance44.

Poison Resilience45.

Poison Barrier46.

Poison Spray47.

Poison Venom48.

Poison Curse49.

Poison Vulnerability50.

Poison Disease51.

Poison Damage52.

Poison Injury53.

Poison Wounds54.

Poison Miasma55.

Poison Poisoning56.

Poison Toad Poisoning57.

Poison Sting58.

Poison Fever59.

Poison Tainted Potion60.

Poison Foe Poisoning61.

Poison Plague62.

Poison Swarm63.

Poison Virus64.

Poison Spore65.

Poison Worm66.

Poison Frog Poisoning67.

Poison Bat Poisoning68.

Poison Snake Poisoning69.

Poison Cat Poisoning70.

Poison Dog Poisoning71.

Poison Chicken Poisoning72.

Poison Cow Poisoning73.

Poison Sheep Poisoning74.

Poison Rabbit Poisoning75.

Poison Pig Poisoning76.

Poison Duck Poisoning77.

Poison Ant Poisoning78.

Poison Spider Poisoning79.

Poison Wolf Poisoning80.

Poison Scorpion Poisoning81.

Poison Dragon Poisoning82.

Poison Shark Poisoning83.

Poison Cobra Poisoning84.

Poison Tiger Poisoning85.

Poison Dolphin Poisoning86.

Poison Goat Poisoning87.

Poison Hippo Poisoning88.

Poison Eagle Poisoning89.

Poison Monkey Poisoning90.

Poison Lion Poisoning91.

Poison Bear Poisoning92.

Poison Crab Poisoning93.

Poison Elk Poisoning94.

Poison Horse Poisoning95.

Poison Bird Poisoning96.

Poison Snail Poisoning97.

Poison Rat Poisoning98.

Poison Turtle Poisoning99.

Poison Deer Poisoning100.

Poison Owl Poisoning101.

Poison Bee Poisoning102.

Poison Elephant Poisoning103.

Poison Fish Poisoning104.

Poison Mouse Poisoning105.

Poison Moose Poisoning106.

Poison Baby Snake Poisonings107.

Poison Cockroach Poisoning108.

Poison Slime Poisoning109.

Poison Unicorn Poisoning110.

Poison Demon Poisoning111.

Poison Human Poisoning112.

Poison Beast Poisoning113. Poison