What you need to know about the Animal Crossing franchise

By now you’ve probably noticed that the Animal Games are now a part of the Animal Farm series of games.

These games take place in a world where humans have been able to live out their lives with their pets.

While this has been a bit of a departure from the original Animal Crossing series, it’s still fun to watch the characters interact with the animals in the game.

The first Animal Crossing game was released in 2009, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf was released this year.

However, the franchise is only available on iOS and Android devices right now, so it’s unclear how many people will be able to play Animal Crossing on these devices.

The games’ new features, including the Animal Friends feature, are still in testing stages, and we’ll let you know when they’re available.

For now, here’s a quick rundown of what you need know about Animal Crossing packs and lip gloss packs.

Animal Friends Pack members can purchase new outfits for their animal friends in Animal Crossing Online.

You can also make new Animal Friends using the in-app gift shop.

Animal Friend Pack members get to wear outfits of their choice in Animal Village, Animal Crossing Town, Animal Island, and New Leaf.

You get a set of five outfits for free, which you can then upgrade to a set amount of outfits for a total of 30 outfits.

New Leaf Pack members also get to customize their characters with outfits of any number of different designs, which can be unlocked through in-game gift shop sales.

You also get a new set of Animal Friends outfits.

You need to spend at least one day each month in Animal Town to unlock these outfits.

Animal Village Pack members only get to choose one Animal Friends outfit per character.

New Island Pack members receive five Animal Friends in a set, while Animal Village pack members get three.

New Town Pack members have access to all five Animal Friend outfits.

They also get access to five Animal Villages outfits, while New Leaf pack members only have access the Animal Village outfits.

Finally, Animal Friends and Animal Villagers can now be combined to form a “family.”

Animal Friends family members can then be married to other Animal Friends, with the added benefit of a spouse with a different color skin for the new animal.

New Friends are now able to wear animal-themed outfits in Animal Friends Town, as well as in Animal Village.

Animal Villager family members will be the only ones who can customize their character’s animal look.

Pets are no longer a thing that you can just bring along when you travel between worlds.

They are now pets, and they can be raised in your house and be adopted by your friends.

The pets are able to have their own unique dialogue, including their personality and even their favorite food.

Animal Crossing Pets Pack members will get to purchase their own pet pets, which will then become the pets of your friends in New Leaf and Animal Village.

Pets will also have their personality as well, including a color-coded personality chart.

New Pets will be unlocked after you purchase the Animal Pets pack, and are unlocked by purchasing an additional set of pets.

New Family Pets will unlock after you buy a Family Pet pack, which also includes the pet of your choice.

New Village Pets pack members will also be able buy a new villager pet, which is unlocked after purchasing an extra set of villager pets.

Pets can be purchased by visiting the Pet Store in your town.

You’ll also get the option to buy a special Animal Friends costume to wear to a special event.

New friends can also adopt a pet from the Animal Friend pack.

New villager animals can be adopted from the Villager Pets pack.

The Animal Friends Villager pets will have their appearance changed to match the Animal Villains outfit.

New Villager animals will also come with an animal companion named Kana.

You will also get an Animal Villain outfit for your pet, but you won’t be able wear it in Animal Friend Village.

The Villager Pet store will also give you access to the Village Pets outfit.

In Animal Village Pets, you will be unable to choose your own pets and have to adopt them from the Village Pets Pack.

The villager animal will be added to the Animal Family pack.

All villager characters in Animal Family packs will be available to adopt from Animal Friend Family Pets.

New Animal Friends Family Pets pack will include an Animal Friend costume.

Villager Family Pets Pets pack pack members can also add an Animal Family member to their pet collection.

New pet items can be earned in Animal Park, Animal Village and Animal Town.

Pets earn a variety of rewards, including Animal Friends items, Villager Animal Friends clothing, and Villager Villager pet accessories.

Pets also earn coins and points that can be used to purchase outfits.

There’s a lot more information about these items available on the Animal Park and Animal villager pages, but here’s the short version: Animal Friends Animal Village Animal Friend Villager animal accessories Villager villager