This is the time of year when you’re packing the car and heading to the park

The car packed for a long weekend is finally on its way home.

It’s a familiar feeling to many who’ve been preparing for the new year.

But not for those who don’t live close to the capital Canberra, where the weather is warmer than most cities.

The last time the Canberra area was in the weather it was about an hour’s drive away.

But that time has come and gone.

It’s only a matter of time before we are back in the rain, and a time of new season for the city.

As we get ready for the arrival of the new season, here’s what you need to know to pack the car.


The time of season is still the sameThe season is expected to start in early February.

For the first half of the year, there will be some rain and a lot of freezing rain.

However, by the middle of February, it’s expected to be sunny and pleasant weather.

The forecast also shows the sun will be shining in early March and the clouds will be thin and low.

By the end of March, the sunshine will be replaced by clouds and the rain will be light.2.

Crowds are expected to gather in the cityCrowding is expected at Canberra venues.

As you’d expect, crowds are expected on the weekend.

There’s plenty of room for people to congregate, but it’s not expected to get quite as crowded as usual.3.

You can pack in the car as much as you likeCarrying an extra pair of shoes is a good idea, as you’ll need a little extra space to put them on.

Even if you’re not a fan of shoes, a pair of thick shoes is better than a pair that are too loose or too loose.4.

Don’t leave your car unattendedCarry your car in the garage, but do leave it unlocked.

If you’re in the suburbs, you should be able to leave your keys in your car.

If you’re at a venue, don’t leave them in the parking lot.5.

The city is in the middleThere will be less congestion at events, and more traffic during peak times.

During the peak hours, people will have more space to travel, which will be a good thing for you.6.

Don.t.park on the roadCars are parked on roads, but you can still park on footpaths and in other areas.

This will help reduce congestion.7.

You don’t have to carry all your gearCarry only the essentials in your pack.

A spare tyre and spare battery can be handy, but if you have extra batteries or spare tires, don.t forget to have a spare.


The weather is forecast to be warmerThe average temperature in Canberra will be warmer than average for the rest of the week.

Rainfall will be lighter, and the wind will be stronger.


It’s time to plan your tripIf you want to go out in style, plan ahead and pack a nice backpack, a dress, and maybe a pair to wear in the park.

It might be easier to plan a camping trip on the same day.


You’re not going to be getting anywhere quicklyIf you’ve been packing a lot, you might not be able as much.

You might get stuck in the traffic jam at one of the venues, or you might get lost in the crowd of people.

It can take a long time to get back to where you want.

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