How to avoid packing slips at airport security checkpoint

As travelers travel to and from the United States, the security system is being revamped to better guard against possible terrorism.

But the TSA has been slow to catch up with the changes.

In fact, the agency says the changes have been “progressively delayed” by two years.

The TSA has announced some of the new features, including:The TSA says passengers can carry only one bag at a time while checking in.

Passengers will also be required to show ID, like a passport, when boarding a flight, and they will need to be accompanied by an adult to board a train or bus.

The agency says it has added security checkpoints and enhanced security at the border and airport to “prevent and detect” threats from domestic terrorism.

TSA spokesman Scott Gessler told the Associated Press the agency is working on a new list of security features.

But some critics say TSA is not fully up to speed.

In its new list, the TSA says it needs to increase its staffing to meet the challenge.

It says it also needs to implement additional screening measures to help reduce the risk of being caught.

It calls for the introduction of a “single point of entry” that would screen travelers from all countries.

The changes will affect a small number of TSA agents and their families, but the agency argues it has more than enough resources to implement the new measures.

“This is a matter of making the airport and TSA more secure,” TSA spokesman Steve Lindsey said in an emailed statement.

“We are implementing new security measures to enhance our overall security capabilities and keep our passengers safe and secure.”