When is the BeachBody Challenge Pack going to be available?

According to the Beachbody Challenge Pack website, the product has a 60-day shelf life, so it will likely be available sometime in late 2019.

The product will cost $99.95, and it is coming in three flavors: a water bottle with no expiration date, a water-bottle-size water bottle, and a water tank with no capacity.

It will come with two bottles, one with a capacity of 50 mL and one with 50 mL capacity.

The bottle and water-tank versions will come in black and white versions.

The water bottle version will have a sticker on the bottom with the Beach Body Challenge Pack brand and a logo.

The BeachBody challenge pack was announced in July, and was supposed to be the first in a series of products aimed at raising awareness about the virus.

It is not available on the BeachWorld app yet.