FourFour: ‘How I got the battery pack’

A new smartphone battery pack could prove to be a key component in the development of a next-generation version of the iPhone.

Read moreAs part of the launch of the new Galaxy S7, Samsung has unveiled a battery pack that uses the Qi wireless charging standard.

The battery pack, called the “Doris Packer”, has the Qi standard in it, but is manufactured using an alternative manufacturing process.

The device is capable of charging the iPhone’s batteries at speeds of up to 90% of its original capacity.

It also features a new, larger slot on the back, which allows for larger battery packs to be installed in the phone.

This would enable a device to charge the iPhone 5s or 6s, the Galaxy Note7 and the Galaxy S6.

According to a report by TechRadar, the battery module is comprised of two cells, one on each side of the battery.

This allows the battery to charge in the same way as other Qi chargers, which means that the battery packs can be inserted in the device, charged and discharged, without having to swap out the chargers.

The battery packs are also designed to last at least five years, with Samsung describing them as a “game changer” for smartphones.

“The battery pack has become one of the most important parts of a smartphone’s design.

It gives you a choice of charging time, which is critical for users who need a smartphone to function at its best,” said Eric Migicovsky, vice president of mobile innovation for Samsung Electronics.”

Samsung’s engineers are working hard to develop the next-gen phone battery pack to deliver even more power and durability for its users.

And it’s our hope that these devices will become the next generation of devices for the masses.”

The battery will also feature an onboard charger, which will allow users to charge their phones using an external charger, rather than relying on the phone’s internal charger.

The phone’s battery pack is currently available for pre-order on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, with a release date of March 26.