How to get a ‘real’ XBOX battery pack

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Read moreMicrosoft’s XBOX One X has a large battery pack with built-in charger and a USB Type-C port.

The XBOX has two USB Type C ports, which means you can charge your device from the ports.

But Microsoft says that’s not the only way to charge your XBOX.

You can also plug in your own USB Type A port.

If you’re looking to plug in an external USB Type B port to charge the XBOX, you’re out of luck.

Microsoft says you’ll have to buy a “power cord that has a USB port.”

The XBox doesn’t specify which type of power cord is required, but we’ve been told that a Type-A or Type-B cable is recommended.

Microsoft also recommends that you plug your XBox into a USB-C to USB-A port on a computer that has built-out Thunderbolt ports, like the XPS 15, or that can support both USB Type 3 and USB Type 2.

If you need to charge other devices like a mouse, you’ll need to buy an external charger.

Microsoft has yet to specify the charger, but the USB-AC charger on the company’s website has a 6V charger with a 6-foot cord.

Microsoft also says that it’s available for $129.99.

If that’s too much for you, Microsoft also offers a USB Charge Station, which you’ll also need to order.

This charger is capable of charging up to 15 USB Type 0.1 and Type 0, 2.0, or 3.0 devices at a time.

Microsoft offers the charger in four different capacities, from 6V to 18V.

We’ve contacted Microsoft for comment.