Which Catan expansion packs are out?

Catan Expansion Packs are a new kind of expansion pack.

The Catan expansions have a lot of new content, like new units, new locations, new upgrades and new mechanics.

There are also new cards, cards from other expansions, new missions, and even new rules.

But there are also a lot more expansions, and I’m not going to list them all here.

Instead, I’m going to talk about the expansions that are out right now and the ones that I think I’m the most excited about.

Expansion Pack 1: The Empire of the Sun This expansion packs expansion packs that are available now, or will soon be released.

Catan is the world of Catan, and you’re the ruler of the empire, making a fortune in the game.

You’ve built a civilization called the Empire of Catans, and your goal is to build your empire the best way you can.

The Empire is going to be a bit like a game of chess.

There will be lots of different strategies you can play, and each strategy will be played differently.

So, for example, the empire might be a little more powerful than others, but it might be just as powerful in the early game.

It might take a little longer to build up, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get your empire to the same level of success as others.

That’s the beauty of Cat, you can make different strategy and you can have different tactics.

Expansion Packs 2: The Great Fire The Great Burning is a new expansion pack, and it adds a lot to the game in terms of content.

It has some interesting rules that make it very different from the expansion packs we have right now.

The rules are also really interesting, because they’re designed to be really different for different types of players.

For instance, one of the rules in the expansion pack is you need to build a tower at the very beginning of the game so that it can be more useful, but then you need a few more towers before you can build up enough resources to be able build the tower.

There’s a lot going on in the Great Fire expansion pack that I’m really excited about and I think it’s going to have a huge impact on the game as we go forward.

Expansion Plots The expansion packs for the first two expansions are also available right now, but I think you can probably get your hands on them a bit later.

If you are playing on your own, I would recommend picking up Expansion Pack 3: The Age of the Wonders, which comes out later this year.

This expansion pack adds a new card called the King of Catania.

This card is a lot like the King in the Middle card, except that it’s a bit more powerful.

It adds two more tiles to the board, which means you can place two more towers on top of each other.

That means you’ll be able, for instance, to place a large, powerful city next to a smaller city and you’ll also be able make that city stronger by placing some more buildings.

Expansion pack 3 is a great expansion, but if you’re playing as a friend or a family member, you should pick up Expansion Packs 4 and 5, which will be out later in the year.

These expansions will also add a lot new mechanics to the core game, like buying cities and buildings, or creating new technologies.

Expansion packs are great for expansions because you get new things to play with and new ideas to play around with.

I’m also excited about the new expansion, The Empire Of The Sun, because I think its going to change the way Catan works and how players think about how they play the game, so I think this is going a good direction.

Expansion Expansion Packs 3-4: The City of the Winds This expansion is another new expansion that will be coming out later, and will include new cards and rules for the new game, The Winds of Change.

The Winds of Change is a game where you’ll play a different game board every time you play a game, and the board you use will be different each time you take a turn.

This will make for a very different experience.

This time, you’ll want to build buildings and structures, and then you’ll start using them.

This is going an interesting direction, because it’s like the way expansions work now, where you have to build more resources each turn to get more buildings, but in The Winds Of Change, there are no resources to build, and instead, the only resource you can get is power.

The Winds is a very new expansion and it will be a huge part of the Catan experience.

Expansion Planner There are three main game plans available for expansions.

The first one is called The Empire Planner, which is for people who are just starting out with Catan.

It’ll have all the expansion plans in one place.

The second plan is called the “Dynasty Planner.”

This is for more experienced players who want to make a strategy and