What’s the best coke you can buy for $2? 12 packcoke, the new kid on the block.

The new kid in the packcooke world is 12 pack.

The $2.99-a-pack brand launched its first store in New York City on Monday and has already racked up 3,200 orders for the first six days, according to a spokeswoman.

The brand’s first store, in the nation’s capital, opened earlier this month, but the first two locations have not been fully operational.

In other words, 12 pack is selling only to people who already own 12 pack brands like Coppertone, Jiffy, and Marlboro.

(The brand was first launched in Japan in 2001, with a store in Tokyo.)

The new store, at 622 West 14th Street, is the first 12 pack to be in New Orleans since the brand’s launch in January.

The new shop will be located in the old Louisianas grocery store on the corner of Lafayette and Market Streets.