Kifaru’s new pack and ship has gone live

By James Fennoy, Business Insider A new company called Kifaras has launched its new pack, the Kifarus, and a new ship for the game.

The Kifarras are a new type of pack and the new ship is called Kiawa.

The new Kiawars pack will contain up to two packs per player and will be available to all players.

We have not heard much about the new Kifaris yet but the name suggests that this will be a new kind of pack.

The new Kias will have two-player modes.

There will be two modes: Standard and Elite.

Kiawaras and Kifarias will be the two-packs, but the Kiawalas will only be available for two-players.

You can pick up the Kias and Kiawaras packs at the Kiamaru store in the next few days.

Players will have to buy them at the store, which will sell the packs for 10,000 yen (about $140).

The Kias pack will have up to four packs per person, and the Kios will have four packs.

This new pack will be more expensive than the Kio pack but the packs will also have more weapons and a better weapon selection.

In addition, the new pack has new abilities.

The “Laser”, which lets you shoot through walls, will be added to the pack, but it is not in the Kiekoku, Kiawer, Kias, or Kifaria packs.

Instead, the Laser will be found in the “Kiawa” pack.

There are two “Lasers” in the pack but only one is available for purchase at the moment.

Both Kios and Kias have a set of four abilities, which are not in any other of the packs.

The first is called “Kiekokai”, which can be triggered at the start of a match.

This will cause the Kiefer to fire a laser at the opposing team.

That laser will travel through a wall.

Then, the second ability will activate at the end of a round.

The player who has the most hits with the Laser before the end-of-round marker gets a new Kiefere, which has a special ability.

Finally, the third ability, which can only be triggered after a team-kill, will increase the Kifere’s damage.

This is called the “Fighter” ability.