How to get Apex pack tracker for Xbox?

The Jerusalem post reports that one of the biggest problems with Apex pack trackers is that they don’t work on the Xbox One.

The news comes after a few other users who had reported issues with the tracker on the XBLA app have also come forward to claim that they were able to get their Apex packs to work on their XBLAs. 

The post goes on to say that the problem was due to a bug in the tracker’s configuration which required users to configure their Apex pack for Xbox Live Gold.

Users are able to configure a set of Apex packs in the Apex pack tracking application, which can then be sent to their XBox Live Gold accounts.

Users can then then use those Apex packs on their Xbox One, which will automatically upload the packs to the Xbox Live database.

In an interview with  The Jerusalem Times , Microsoft VP of marketing Chris Wilson said that Apex pack tracks are “not in the plan” for Xbox One but that Microsoft would “look into it” in the future.

The company did not confirm whether this was a problem with the tracking software or not.

Wilson did not say what the fix would be. 

Users have been using Apex packs for a while, so the bug might be a common problem with them, though.

Microsoft has previously acknowledged that some users might have problems with the Apex packs because they don.t support Microsoft Edge. 

It’s not the first time a tracker has been hit with a bug with the Xbox platform.

In June of this year, it was revealed that Microsoft was working on a new tracking feature for the Xbox console, though it’s not yet clear if the feature will be released before launch.