The Last of Us Remastered – Downloadable Content Pack 2

We have been hard at work to deliver a new version of The Last Of Us Remastered for PC and Mac, which includes both of the DLC packs, Minecraft Resource Pack 2 and The Last Night at Candle Cove.

The Last Of Men, the last of the remaining survivors of The Big House, has been found and is currently being cared for in a small facility in the woods, in order to allow Joel and Ellie to return to their original location in The Big City.

This will also be the last time we will be providing The Last House for PC, so please continue to download The Last One as soon as it is available.

We have also started work on a new resource pack for The Last night at Candle Cave, which will bring you new levels and weapons and will also allow you to re-live the chilling moment when Joel and his friends, Joel and Elizabeth, are found alive and well in the caves of The Haunted Woods.

The Last Chance at Candle is also going to be released as a standalone resource pack and you can download it from the Asset Store.

Lastly, we have begun work on the new resource packs for the Smithfield Pack, which are available to download in the Asset store for $9.99, and we are very excited to announce that you can also download the DLC for this pack for $4.99.

If you haven’t yet played The Last Year at Candle, we strongly recommend you download it, as it contains the most content available to us at the time of this writing, and it has a number of great things going for it, including all new weapons, maps, environments and more.

We can’t wait to show you all what we have in store for you in the months ahead.

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