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Today we’re introducing our latest feature for analyzing games on your phone or tablet, our new Wolf Pack Rankings.

We’ve done a lot of work with Wolfpack in recent months, and we’ve found it’s a great way to narrow down your favorites, so we’ve been working hard to improve the way we’re measuring them.

Today, we’re rolling out a new feature that helps you find the most popular games for your phone and tablet, including the Wolf Pack rankings.

You can now check in with your Wolf Pack rank at any time by going to the Wolfpack app in the Apple Watch app store, and then tapping the WolfPackRank icon.

The first time you tap the WolfpacksRank icon, you’ll see a quick list of all the Wolf Packs currently rated by our users.

These Wolf Packs are currently being rated by a variety of different sites, including Playbill, AppBrain, and the platform.

We’ll keep adding new sites as we add new sites to the rankings, so make sure to check back often for the newest and most up-to-date data.

To get started, tap the title of the game in the Wolf packs ranking and then tap the star next to it.

We also have a list of Wolf Packs ranked by our own community of Wolfpackers who regularly rank their favorite games.

We love to see the rankings and the feedback from our WolfPackers, so feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below or tweet @Playbill.

We also added a few more Wolf Packers to our list of reviewers, and you can find them on our Wolfpack ratings page.