Rebecca Packer, the woman who helped launch a new wave of powerlifting, dies at the age of 88

Rebecca Packers death has been announced.The former Olympian and former world record holder has passed away at her home in Los Angeles, California.Packer suffered from chronic heart disease and was taking the anti-inflammatories she was prescribed by her doctor, according to the Associated Press.The news comes just days after Packer released her first memoir, I […]

Why I don’t like being a pack rat

The most common excuse I hear for a pack-rat lifestyle is, “I don’t know where to begin.”I think that the reason you don’t want to be a pack rager is because you are afraid of not knowing where to start.You want to start from the beginning.It’s hard to start without knowing what the first step […]

6 pack abs for $79.99 on Amazon

Karen Starter Pack is a great product that has been around for awhile now.It’s the only pack on Amazon that has abs.The idea behind this product is to provide a way to have a lot of abs while not having to go out and buy new shoes.Karen Starter packs are the only ones that come […]

Teslas battery pack: A pack of cubes

When Tesla introduced its Model S sedan in 2018, it came with a pack of batteries packed in the middle of the vehicle, and those batteries were only capable of delivering 20 kilowatt hours of range.This is because Tesla designed the battery pack so that you would only be able to charge it up to […]

How do women’s hiking packs compare?

The six pack women size six pack is the most popular pack for women hiking.It is also the most versatile.The 6.5 ounce pack is ideal for light hiking and medium to long distance hiking, while the 6.3 ounce is ideal when hiking on trails with rough terrain.Both packs weigh approximately 20 ounces, so there’s a […]

Why are people jumping out of water bottles?

The jump starter pack for a new swimmer is a great way to get your body in shape.The jump pack is also an effective workout aid.However, the most important thing about the jump starter is the training.It’s a great tool to have in your arsenal when trying to reach your goal.Here’s why: Jump starter packs […]