Why I don’t like being a pack rat

The most common excuse I hear for a pack-rat lifestyle is, “I don’t know where to begin.”I think that the reason you don’t want to be a pack rager is because you are afraid of not knowing where to start.You want to start from the beginning.It’s hard to start without knowing what the first step […]

How to avoid packing slips at airport security checkpoint

As travelers travel to and from the United States, the security system is being revamped to better guard against possible terrorism.But the TSA has been slow to catch up with the changes.In fact, the agency says the changes have been “progressively delayed” by two years.The TSA has announced some of the new features, including:The TSA […]

Biden court packs for a Supreme Fanny Pack

Supreme Fannie pack is a pack designed to ensure that a woman has an extra set of clothes on hand for when she needs to wear them out of court.The court is holding a special ceremony to mark the occasion on Monday.The Supreme Faffanny Pack has been designed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Dipak Misra […]