What are the wolves doing at Twilight Wolf Pack?

A little while ago, Twilight Wolf pack members had a bit of fun at the expense of a little girl named Lillian, as she was on vacation in the Catskills.As we all know, Lillian was in the Twilight Wolf packs newest member, Twilight, when she got into a heated argument with the other wolves.Twilight, a […]

Which are the best video game music packs in 2017?

Smithers and Jackbox Party Pack are a great example of video game themed music packs.While the two games have similar visuals and themes, the two music packs have different approaches to each theme.In Smither’s Pack, you get to hear all the themes from the first three games: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and […]

How to pack a ghostbuster suit

When a character appears in a movie or TV show, many people get a good idea of what he or she will look like in real life.But how much will the costume fit on the body?A couple years ago, I wrote about a costume for a young woman who had just been accepted into a […]