How to find a Legendary Powerzone Pack

Legendary Powerzones are an assortment of cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh!anime series.They are special cards that can be used in Duelist mode, but are not available for use in other modes, such as Battle or Challenge mode.Powerzone packs are also available for purchase in the TCG Online.Powerzone Packs are also commonly found in the OCG.They can […]

How to Start a Pack n Ship (Yugiohs Pack)

This article is the first of a two-part series on how to start a pack n ship.You’ll need to get the latest version of Adobe Illustrator, and get it to work with your favorite program.Download the Adobe Illustration Plugin for Adobe Illustrators.Start with the following steps.Download Illustrator 3.0, which comes preinstalled on most modern computers.Start […]

Which is the better Mugioh Pack?

A Mugiohar pack, a Yugiohar, a Mugiohy?You’ll have to go back and forth between these two titles before you get a definitive answer, but in a world where the two versions of the Nintendo Switch are sold separately, there’s no denying there’s a slight edge to the Mugioha Pack.It’s also worth noting that both the […]